August 11, 2021

Why they put magnets on the oil filter

By admin

Most motorists know that the engine of their car is one of the most expensive and finicky units. You can find the money by scrap car removal scarborough. If the engine is not taken care of properly, very soon it will become a source of serious problems. Thus the most important moment in care for the power unit is the timely change of engine oil. Without it the engine can not function properly.

Experienced motorists as a rule are not guided by any manufacturer’s recommendations of oil replacement in a car and change it earlier, than it is advised. They do not rely on the instruction manual and the car’s mileage, but on the engine hours. Also, every experienced motorist knows and remembers how important it is to use the right oil for the right climate conditions.

But not all problems with lubrication, can be solved by timely replacement. As you know, many engine elements experience mechanical interaction in the form of friction during operation. Over time, this leads to the appearance of tiny metal chips, which get into the engine oil. Don’t underestimate the negative effect the chips can have on an engine.

So why are there magnets on the oil filter?

The fact is that the shavings gradually accumulate in the rings, and also become the cause of engine cylinder micro damage. Over time, all this can easily translate into the need to overhaul the “heart” of the car. Manufacturers are trying to solve this problem by installing a magnet on the oil drain plug, but as practice shows this is not always enough.

The purpose of the magnet on the plug is obvious – it attracts the chips and makes them settle down. When you change the oil it is easily removed. Motorists, in turn, decided to refine this method. Increase the efficiency of collecting metal chips in the oil can conventional neodymium magnets placed in the underhood space. The optimal place for this would be the oil filter, through which the oil is constantly circulating. Of course, the magnets should be as strong as possible.