October 18, 2021

Why don’t experienced drivers ever fold their mirrors in the parking lot?

By admin

Many modern cars are equipped with an automatic side mirror folding function, which, according to automakers, prevents damage to the car when parking neighboring cars. However, in reality, many experienced car owners deactivate this function, because in their opinion, it only increases the likelihood of damage to the car in the parking lot. Let’s talk more about whether automatically folded side mirrors actually increase the likelihood of parking damage and scrap car removal scarborough.

Automatic mirror folding function
Until the recent past, this function of automatic mirror folding could boast only really expensive premium cars. Today, however, such an option is available even on inexpensive budget-class Korean cars. Side mirrors are equipped with special servo drives, which are activated automatically or by the driver’s signal. Mirrors on the car are folded, respectively, somewhat reduced the likelihood of damage to the car when parking neighboring cars.

Such systems on most cars are activated in automatic mode, so the driver does not need to press any buttons, and as soon as he takes the key out of the ignition, the servo turns on and the side windows are folded. Unfortunately, this system has a rather complicated design, often there are breakdowns of the servo, and replacement of the motor or control unit will cost a car owner a considerable sum of money.

If necessary, car owners can independently deactivate this option, for which it is necessary to specify in the service menu to disable auto-folding mirrors. However, in some cars, this option can only be deactivated by reflashing the service menu, which requires contacting a specialized company, and the cost of such services can amount to several thousand rubles.

Advantages and disadvantages of this function
Despite numerous statements by car manufacturers that such a function of folding mirrors somewhat increases the safety of the car in the parking lot, yet statistics show the opposite. Such cars are in the zone of increased risk. Any advantages of having such a system of automatic mirror folding, in fact, there is no. At the same time, its cost can be quite high, increasing by 20-30 thousand rubles the cost of a new car.

What are the disadvantages of such a mirror folding system. The thing is that when the side mirrors on the car are folded, the other drivers, parking near such a car, will subconsciously put their car 10-15 centimeters closer to the car, as they are not afraid to scratch the body of the folded mirrors. Such situation only leads to the situation when often such cars are more damaged by other cars while parking, and it’s not uncommon when car owners after such unsuccessful maneuvers didn’t even notice that they scratched somebody’s car, they just left the place of the accident.

That’s why, in order to prevent car body damage in a parking lot, experienced car owners deactivate such a feature or, when buying new cars, do not choose such an option. This allows them to reduce the total cost of a new car by several tens of thousands of rubles. Also in the future they do not need to repair the broken servo and control unit, respectively reducing their costs for the operation of the car.

To summarize
Most new cars are equipped with auto-folding side mirrors. At first glance, this feature may somewhat improve the safety of the car in the parking lot, eliminating damage to the side mirrors by other cars parked nearby. However, in reality, drivers of passing cars are guided not by mirrors, but by the body, which increases the probability of possible damage to the car. Therefore, experienced car owners deactivate such option, and even if there is an appropriate servo in the mirrors, do not fold them in the parking lot.