March 23, 2021

Why do I need computer diagnostics of my car?

By admin

It is no secret that any modern car is equipped with various electronic systems. Therefore, when they malfunction, computer diagnostics comes to the rescue. It is able to effectively, and most importantly, quickly determine the current problem. What is such diagnostics and why is it necessary? A car that is covered in rust and has lost major parts does not need computer diagnostics. Such a car needs to be recycled:

In the process of computer diagnostics, fault codes are automatically read out on the main nodes, their erasure and subsequent correction takes place. In this regard, different systems are used: multifunctional stands, OEM, portable (local) readers. Software and scanning equipment these days are able to read and detect even minimal changes in the operation of the dashboard, engine control systems, antilock brakes, transmission and others.

The single-channel multimeter shows the current data in real mode. It is possible to monitor four graphs of technical parameters at once, stopping at the display form convenient for you. Certified auto service provides today diagnostic systems that allow recoding the parameters in order to increase the power characteristics of the car.

Quite often, to optimize for a certain set of cars, you need to reconfigure the control unit. This includes adjustment of idling speed or adjustment of the fuel system. When additional plug-ins are loaded, it is possible to reprogram the interface of new models of car electronics.

When is such diagnostics performed? Of course, when the driver has noted the incorrect operation of the systems or when it is necessary to check the technical condition of the vehicle you are going to buy. Except for these cases, experts recommend car owners at least once a year to make a computer diagnostics. Your prudence will look like prevention, which will save money for repairs because of not discovered in time malfunction.

How exactly is diagnostics done? The on-board systems are connected to a scanner that reads all the broadcast codes. Then they are deciphered by specialists with the help of special programs. Computer diagnostics includes several operations: checking the suspension, engine, automatic transmission and other control systems of your car.

Diagnostics is performed if a car owner detects a knock or hum during sharp turns of the car or while driving on an uneven road, at a constant speed, with uneven rubber wear, front or rear axle drift in the turns, premature activation of ABS, increased free movement of the steering wheel.

If a driver notices that the engine warms up longer than usual time, the fuel consumption increases, the engine operation became unstable or less powerful, white or black smoke appears at exhaust, idle speeds are irregular, then the engine diagnosis is necessary.

Automatic transmission computer diagnostics is performed if one of the gears does not engage, jerks, noises, slippage during gear shifting, there is an oil leak, more fuel is lost.