March 23, 2021

What to have in the car for long journeys

By admin

Summer vacations are coming up, and it’s likely that many of us will take a road trip. This is a great opportunity to enjoy your vacation and see new places regardless of tour guides or tourist groups. You can plan your time as you see fit.

It is worth talking about what you should take with you in the car on a long trip to rest was the most comfortable and safe. Before you go, don’t forget to turn in your old car for recycling and get some extra money for your vacation:

Once again it is worth remembering that before the road it is necessary to do a complete maintenance of the car. Specialists at the station should check the state of the running gear, adjust the pressure in tires, check the level of all process liquids. Besides, you should always have a spare wheel, a jack, a tool kit and a manual for a given car model on the way.

On hand must be the rules of the road (preferably with the latest changes), maps of the area where you are going to go. A GPS navigator will help you on your way, and it is best to plan the route, preferably with the help of various online services.

Check the trunk for a fire extinguisher, first aid kit (European-style is better), a blanket (or several), disposable dishes and towels, a knife, a canister of gasoline, a canister of water. Don’t forget to put a pack of duct tape.

Just in case there should be non-perishable foods: crackers, cookies, dried fruit, nuts, and the like. It’s good to have a thermos flask with coffee on the road. Thermo-bag will help to save spoiled food and some medicines.

On a long journey irreplaceable assistants will be the devices that work from the cigarette lighter – thermoses, chargers, coffee maker, kettle…

If a trip is made to another country, it is desirable to have a phrasebook and a directory of emergency services, as well as phones, where tourists can ask for help.

Traveling with a child, you should stock up on the necessary things for kids of the appropriate age: various tissues, potty, books, rattles, toys, cartoons on a tablet and a double supply of edibles.

Ideally, it’s best to make a list of things you plan to take on your trip before you go. The list should be read out at a family meeting and supplemented if necessary. Items should only be crossed off the list when they will actually lie in the trunk.

Once everything is stacked, the tank is filled, and everyone has gone to the bathroom, then you can hit the road.

Have a safe trip!