June 10, 2021

What to do with a cracked windshield: replace or repair?

By admin

If one unpleasant day you sat behind the wheel of the vehicle and noticed a crack on it, you face a dilemma:

Try to ignore the crack;
Try to prevent its further growth;
replace the glass.
You can, of cou

rse, let the situation on its own – after all, not such an urgent thing as chassis repair or similar work. But this approach is not the best. While driving you constantly look through the windshield and involuntarily will throw a glance at the crack. Over time, it will turn into a major irritant to you. If your car has been without a windshield for a long time and should have been scrapped years ago, contact a company that handles etobicoke towing.

You can replace the windshield, but it’s expensive. Let’s see what else we can do to get rid of the crack, but without laying out the money for a new glass.

Hardly a single motorist with 3 or more years of experience has avoided such problems. The pebbles, flying out from under the wheels of the vehicle in front, hit the windshield, leaving it chipped and cracked. Over time, even a small damage can increase to a large size, which will inevitably lead to the replacement of the glass.

There is no universal answer to the question, whether you should try to stop the growth of cracks or it is easier to go to the store for a new one. After all, each case is individual. In some cases an employee of car service will dissuade you from substitution and may perform works on stopping crack’s sprawl. In others they will definitely tell you about the futility of such works, disincentivizing you to buy a new one. Some will convince you that the windshield is replaced every 2-3 years for a new one. The argument is that during this time the surface has acquired a large number of scratches, which seriously reduced the view. They are especially noticeable in sunny weather in the area of wipers.

It is everyone’s personal choice – to change the glass or endure to the last, when the quality of vision may already become a reason to get into an emergency situation. The main thing is not to start the situation and act reasonably. In this case, the example of some countries is indicative, where even a small damage of windshield in the area of wipers may become the reason for refusal of passage of TO.

Repair of defects of windshield

Both chipped and cracked windshield may be repaired. The car-care center employee will drill out the cracks in the tail and fill them up with a special solution. But since the glass has already lost its integrity, set yourself up for replacement in the future. Unevenness, and a new crack can appear in another place.

As for chips, here the situation is different. They represent a cut of a small section of the surface, while the glass itself does not lose its physical properties. Danger for car driver is in refraction of light at direct sunbeams. As a result, the chips play the role of a prism or mirror, distracting the driver of the vehicle and oncoming motorists. This is why it is important to immediately contact a workshop to have the defects repaired.

As you have understood, each case stands alone. The only universal advice is not to sit idly by. You need to either fix the glass at the service workers, or, if this is not possible, replace it. In the first case, you will spend not much money, but you will level out the risk. And for the time while the crack will be very slowly, but increasing, you will have time to save the necessary amount of money for a new glass. As for the second case – glass replacement – treat it as a necessity. The health of you and your loved ones is worth much more than a new glass.