December 1, 2021

Take your time to change! 3 things in a car that last much longer

By admin

All car manufacturers establish maintenance regulations for their cars. Most often, it is recommended to call in to the service station every 10-15 thousand kilometers. However, according to auto experts, not all parts in the car need such frequent replacement. Let’s see what can last longer in a car than is commonly believed and what is cash for cars?

Engine oil
Currently, it is customary among motorists to change engine oil as often as possible, which only plays into the hands of car services and oil manufacturers. At the same time, in reality, lubrication in engines can work 15-20 thousand kilometers without any problems, and if the car is used mainly on highways, then even longer.

Air filter
There is an opinion that the air filter should be changed as often as possible so that it does not create resistance in the engine intake system and does not take away power. In fact, you can change the air filter, focusing not on the mileage of the car, but on the state of the filter element itself. If there is a lot of dust on the paper corrugation, then replacement is really necessary.

Car tires
Car tire manufacturers claim that tires have a maximum life of 5 years, after which they are recommended to be replaced with new ones. It is believed that after this period the rubber changes its composition and holds on to the road worse. But, as the real practice of using tires shows, they can easily serve up to 7 years, provided that a sufficient tread depth is maintained.