July 13, 2021


By admin

For your car to work properly for a long time, you need to have it serviced regularly otherwise, it will have to be turned in for ajax scrap metal. And an obligatory procedure carried out in the process is an oil change. Why is this procedure so important? It is possible to point out several reasons:

The chemicals in the lubricant begin to oxidize when heated and under increased loads. This severely affects the quality characteristics of the oil.
During operation, dust, soot, as well as small metal particles get into the engine lubricant. Because of this, contamination of the power unit occurs. This can lead to a very serious breakdown: quite expensive specialist assistance will be required.
Many people know that oil plays the role of a protective treatment in the car. Over time, it loses the qualities necessary to provide such assistance to the car. The result – engine failure: again, it will cost a penny.
In other words, it is much easier to replace the lubricant in time, than to eliminate the consequences later.

How often should the procedure be carried out?
Changing the oil in the car is not a complicated procedure, so it can be done without any problems yourself (even without having certain knowledge and skills). But you need to know how often to do it.

If the car is used under normal conditions, the lubricant is changed at the interval specified by the company supplier in the technical documentation. At the same time, it should be noted that changing the oil more often than the specified period – it is possible, but lengthening the interval – is not recommended.

In some cases, the change is required more often (that is, regardless of the recommendations set out by the manufacturer). So, for example, the following factors influence the frequency of replacement:

Aggressive driving style. This will cause the grease to lose its characteristics much faster. So if you drive this way, be prepared to replace more often.
The condition of the engine lubricant is affected by the quality of the fuel you pour in. Used low – the amount of not very good deposits, which then mix with the oil, increases.
The quality of the lubricant itself. Low quality engine oil will not last long.
In other words, the oil change period for each car and driver is determined individually. You just have to look at the condition of your car and assess how well it’s running.