March 23, 2021

How not to become a victim of theft

By admin

There are many ways in which car owners lose their “iron horses”. Mostly it happens through overconfidence and through ignorance. Let’s try to understand the most common methods of car thieves to always be “on guard”. But if you happen to miss your car, and after a while you find it almost completely wrecked, you can turn it in for recycling:

Method 1: Broken alarm system.
Usually this method is used with cars that sleep under the windows. The scheme is simple enough. Simply throw small stones or plastic bottles into the car. The main thing is to run the alarm system without harm.

The alarm goes off, the owner of the car reacts. The action of car thieves continues until the owner of the car can not stand it and turns off the signal, so that later to check the serviceability of the alarm system. However. Most likely, in the morning the car will no longer be under the windows.

Method 2. false owner.
In this case the car thieves find out all the necessary information about the car owner: address, phone number, last name and other data. Then they request a duplicate of the keys due to the loss. Further everything is already clear.

Method 3. Service with theft.
You can risk to give your car to an unknown service. The owner of the car gives his car to the mechanic for service, but the scammer can make a duplicate of the keys or block the immobilizer. As a result, the cost of repair or service will be equal to the cost of the entire car. Therefore, perform service only in workshops that you really trust.

Method 4. a flat tire.
The scheme is also simple. The car is overtaken and points out to the driver that the rear tire is flat. The owner of the car brakes, stops to check, but does not turn off the engine. As a result, the car is easily stolen.

Method 5: Blocking the alarm system.
Scammers have one device called a code breaker. With this device you can intercept and memorize the code from the alarm key fob. Then the code grabber is used as a car alarm key fob.

Usually the victims of scammers are the owners of cars that are parked in the parking lot of supermarkets, usually outside the city. The owner of the car locks it with the alarm, but the code is intercepted by the car thieves. Next, one scammer follows the owner of the car, and the other steals it.

Method 6: The car thief trafficker.
The car thief sells the car. The new owner takes the car without knowing that the seller has a duplicate key.

Method 7. in the style of the computer game GTA.
This method is quite tough, as in other words, the game itself.

The driver stops at a traffic light in a crowded place to let the pedestrians pass. The hijackers, pretending to be pedestrians, head towards each other. After they approach the car, they open the doors on both sides and throw the car owner onto the road.

Method 8. Faulty muffler.
The car thief’s main job is to hitch some loud object to the muffler or plug the device with a rag. As a result, the car owner gets out of the car to check the malfunction, but at that time the car is stolen.

Method 9: Fire.
Usually this method is used to steal cars from guarded parking lots. Fraudsters simulate arson in the corner of the parking lot. While the guard reacts to the fire, the thieves steal the car.

It should be noted that last year, the most stolen cars were VAZ, Toyota and BMW. However, “to be on the lookout” should not only owners of cars of these brands, but also others.